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M.I.A. Just Dropped New Track and Video “Poc That Still a Ryda”

“I been poor, I been rich, I been brown, I been seen black, I seen white.”
Daisy Jones
London, GB

Over the past decade, M.I.A. has grafted through warzones, stuck a middle finger up to America, called bullshit on the music industry, brought underground producers to the forefront, unleashed global sounds to a global stage, and made enough bangers to last a lifetime of club nights. In many ways, she doesn’t get enough props for her habitual dedication to shaking up the status quo, but still she goes on, scrubbing out the lines whenever she sees them drawn in the sand.


Her latest musical venture has come in the shape of “Poc That Still a Ryda”, a track that references Barack Obama, Black Lives Matter and the #OscarsSoWhite movement. “You better be ready for a crime,” she raps over a minimal, bass-heavy beat. “Breakin’ order like a leader, I’m stayin’ out the radar, meet me at the border, border!” The track comes alongside a video that sees a bunch of horses and cars speeding through the desert.

In the YouTube description of the video, M.I.A. writes: (sic) “This song is a LRICAL mix of songs on my upcoming Lp - had to do a remix to OLA to let u know , i been poor , i been rich , i been brown , i been seen black , i seen white and i been around the world a few times ay ay ay ay . LOVE IS THE ANSWER what the question is i don't fucking know.”

Check it out below: