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Watch Erykah Badu Perform with the Roots on the 'Tonight Show'

Here's "Phone Down" with the best possible collaborators.

af Noisey Staff
23 november 2015, 8:10am

As the Tonight Show's house band, The Roots have to be adaptable and ready to perform with just about anyone, and over the course of their career on Jimmy Fallon's show, they've shown their able to do that in all kinds of surprising ways. But let's be honest: There is literally no one The Roots are more suited to accompany than longtime friend and collaborator Erykah Badu. So Badu going on the Tonight Show last night, particularly in light of her recent musical releases and upcoming mixtape plans, made perfect sense. It was transcendent. Watch her perform "Phone Down" at 5:50 and join in for musical interludes throughout, including at roughly 15:00, 20:30, 28:00, 33:50, and 40:20.