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Watch Built To Spill Play One of Their Rarest Cuts "Good Enough"

Joyful Noise Recordings get the band to do something really special.

Built To Spill has been a band for over 20 years. With that time spent and eight records under their belt, they've completely mastered their craft in performing live. To show their ability, the band teamed up with Joyful Noise Recordings to present the band playing a rare cut, "Good Enough" as part of their Almost Live series. It's a really special performance, the intimacy of the space matches perfectly with the slow and steady pace of the song to do the sound justice. The emotion and strength in Doug Martsch's voice comes out in full display, delivering just the right amount of emphasis on each word.


As apart of the videos, Joyful Noise also presses limited edition homemade records, but as you probably guessed this one sold out quick, though you should keep it bookmarked when another great track comes out.