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Woah, Dude!

Exclusive: Watch Jesse from Eagles of Death Metal Explain How He Would Run America

VICE's intimate and brutally honest portrayal of the frontman comes out on October 2.

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What happens when one of the wildest and most charismatic rockers in the industry hits 40? When he's had more sex, drugs and rock'n'roll than you could possibly imagine. What does he turn to? God?

Those are the driving questions behind VICE's forthcoming documentary, The Redemption of the Devil, an intimate and at times brutally honest portrayal of a year in the life of Jesse 'The Devil' Hughes, frontman for Eagles of Death Metal. And - in relation to the exclusive snippet above taken from the forthcoming film - a year when his passion for conservative politics leads him to seriously consider re-entering the political arena. So, pipe down Trump and move your shit, Kanye.

If elected Jesse's plans would include a four day blackout on television, and if they don't like it? "Fuck 'em." Plus, he'd adjust the tax structure, and send everyone back to church. Sound like your kind of state? Watch the rest of Jesse's manifesto above.

The Redemption of the Devil comes out on October 2 on iTunes. Watch the full trailer: