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Watch Miley Cyrus Crush Two Emotionally Charged 'Dead Petz' Ballads on SNL

In a full suit of hair, it should be noted.

Lost in the spectacle of Miley Cyrus' grating VMA week overkill was the fact that some of the songs on her bewildering Mike WiLL and Flaming Lips assisted freakout Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz are genuinely great. There are moments where you can hear a wounded heart beneath the DayGlo hippie posturing, and Miley's appearance on SNL last night felt like an attempt to duck the shock and awe of "Dooo It!" to let the hurt behind it do the talking. Most of it, anyhow.


Miley hit the stage decked out in what's best described as a suit of hair (Gaga called…) for a performance of Dead Petz stunner "Karen Don't Be Sad" and would later play a piano matted in knots of the stuff and pictures of her actual dead pets for an emotional rendition of "The Twinkle Song." On that stage it was apparent that Dead Petz is a lot because Cyrus is going through a lot, and sorting through the disorder the best way she knows how: blurting everything out so it can't haunt from inside. Special shout out to whatever booking genius saw to it that Hillary Clinton would introduce this madness. Miley and the Lips are taking this show on the road to some midsized rooms throughout the fall. Might be worth a look.

Check out both videos below.