DIET's "Nico" Serves Up a Nutritious Dose of Post-Punk and Nostalgia

The Odense-based band digs into a healthy dose of 80s post-punk and 90s alt rock in their new track.

af Noisey Staff
22 januar 2016, 1:08pm

Perhaps the first thing you should know about DIET, the new band comin' out of the belly of Odense, is that two childhood friends formed the band immediately after coming home from a road trip through North America. This doesn't give us much insight, but it might help explain why the music feels as familiar and comfortable and as free-spirited as it does. Their new track, "Nico", is a lighthearted mish-mash of 80s post-punk and new wave and 90s alt rock. It's got all the warm and cozy synth action of a soundtrack to a film like Pretty in Pink, but it also has the trembling, hovering and exaggerated vocals you'd hear in some of The New Pornographers' early stuff. The vibe of the whole thing is very 'freedom on the wide, open road' with a nice undertone of nostalgia for decades past. Basically, "Nico" goes down nicely and nourishingly—much like a healthy, hearty diet does.