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Finally Confront Your Mother in Sara Angelica's Video, "Run"

The latest from the Norwegian electronic musician gets under our skins like our mothers can.

Don't we all - just a tiny bit, be honest, now - don't we all have weird issues with our mothers? Could be a simple point of infuriation, like when she tells each and every dinner guest that story about that one time you were six years old and took off all your clothes and sang the national anthem in class. Could be you never forgave her for that time she "gave the cat away to a nice neighbour" (this excuse never works, moms). However simple or catastrophically huge your problem with your mum is, you have one. Admit it and embrace it—which is precisely what Sara Angelica's going to get you to do with her latest video, "Run".

Sara Angelica is part of Norway's badass label/collective of female producers and musicians, KOSO. She sounds like a pretty glorious combo of Bristol triphop, jazz and electronica and that's precisely what you get in "Run". It's a pulsating track backed with rumbling and dark production, courtesy of another talented force we've praised as of late, Pieces of Juno. The track is simmering and cathartic—so the theme of the video is quite the appropriate compliment. The video shows us a mother and daughter side by side at a family portrait type of photoshoot. All looks squeaky clean and perfect until you notice the smiles are a little bit too strained; the backs are a little bit too straight; and everything feels a little bit… off. Even before the daughter's outbursts begin, the whole thing kind of reminds you of the curse of the mother/parent relationship. We like having our moms close, alright—but sometimes, things get a little too close for comfort for pretty much anyone.

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