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This Video for "Adolf Hitler" is The Most Provocative Video in German History

It's by Berlin rap-crew K.I.Z and it is insane.

Last week our friends over at the Noisey offices in Germany premiered a video by hip-hop group K.I.Z which featured a guy who looked like an overweight Adolf Hitler, but who almost certainly isn't Adolf Hitler. We wanted to show it to all of you, but first, we asked our German buddies to send us a little explanation. Here it is:

When it comes to German rap, Berlin rap-crew K.I.Z are both blessing and curse. Curse, if you're asking for politically correct, genereic, radio-friendly Hip Hop. But a blessing, if that's exactly what you despite, and you're up for intelligent, salty punchlines and a good laugh instead. K.I.Z. released their first album in 2005 and instantly, kids fell in love with them while their Mothers started to worry. A couple of years later and they've had three top-ten-albums and now they're back, presenting a track performed by none other than Adolf Hitler himself.

You may not understand the lyrics, but, let me assure you, there could not possibly be a greater deliberate provocation. The video, which is even worse, features Jewish standup comedian Oliver Polak, who may just be the best Hitler since Bruno Ganz in Downfall.

Watch the video for yourself below: