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Premiere: First Hate Released a new Video and Told Us About Their First Kiss

Did you know Anton had a fish named Big Dominator?

af Danika Maia
24 april 2015, 11:43am

Airports aren’t usually considered hubs of creativity given the masses of sweatpants clad human robots operating on a fuel of overpriced white bread and mayonnaise that inhabit those places - but Danish band First Hate can find inspiration in the drabbest of scenarios and thus we have “Warsawa”. The duo wrote this new track on a layover at the Warsaw airport and then came home and made this aesthetic dreamboat of a video in collaboration with Esben Weile Kjær. Inspired by still life art and human vanitas, First Hate went and got their faces plastered on every piece of merch you could ever imagine and the result is equal parts creepy and delightful.

We caught up with Anton and Joakim to ask them about the things that truly matter in life:

Noisey: First time you kissed a girl?
Anton: Truth or dare in the school basement. Very awkward. I licked her teeth.
Joakim: First time I kissed a girl was in primary school and as a result I got mononucluosis and had to stay in bed with a fever for a really long time. I waited a good while before kissing anyone else after that.

First time you snuck out of the house?
I used to go to "video night" at my friends house all the time when I was around 12. It included a lot of breezers, barfing and pissing oneself. Apart from that I used to sneak out my duvet in the morning and sleep in the bottom of the stairwell instead of going to school. My mom was very pissed off when she caught me.

First time you realised you were bad at something?
As a small kid I rode the bus to and from school by myself and kept falling asleep. After being woken up at the end station by the chauffeur a few times, I realised I was pretty bad at not falling asleep, if that's a thing.

First weird dream you had that you still remember?
I had the same nightmare every night as a kid. It made me think that my entire life was a reality show and I spoke to the hidden cameras when I was alone.
J: Not sure if it's the first, but, I remember dreaming I was a wealthy and happily married woman in my 50s with two kids. To make a long story short, I caught my two neighbours breaking into my house and hit them both with a huge hammer. They fell apart in small cubes of glass, and I didn't stop hitting the cubes until every piece of them had turned to dust.

First girlfriend - what would you say to her if you had to call her right now?
Silje, the girl next door. I'd say hello w'sup. She's still my best friend.
J: I still have my first girlfriend, if I had to call her right now, I'd probably ask her to tell me something nice and come home soon <3< p="">

First time you got in a fight?
My brother and I tried to attack a guy who stole my brothers’ iPhone in Paris. We were both knocked out within 20 seconds and I got a black eye. My mom was very upset and it ruined the holiday.
J: First time I got into a fight was in the first grade. I pushed a classmate's face into a piano and he started bleeding from his nose into his throat. I still remember that quite vividly.

First time you had sex?
Close to The Little Mermaid on a lawn. I was 12 and it was horrible. She was crying and laughing at the same time.
J: I had sex for the first time when I was 17. I remember feeling relieved that I hadn't turned 18 yet, and for the first feeling empty in my head in a good way.

First hate?
That's a very personal question.
J: I’ve heard of them, but haven't listened to their music yet...

Favorite color?
Deep blue, like dusk.
J: Beige. Or so I have been told.. I really like grey too at the moment.

Favorite Spice Girl?
Scary Spice.

Favorite food to cook for a date?
I'd cook some prawns in herbs, garlic and white wine then serve it with some green garnish and the rest of the bottle.
J: Haven't done it before, but wouldn't it be nice to cook a dinner consisting of a lot of eggs, where each egg is cooked in a different way? I've always wanted to try that.

Favorite pet you ever had?
I've had a shitload of pets. I once stole a hamster from a petstore and named it Dennis... My mom was outraged. But my favorite must be my battlefish Big Dominator.
J: I have a small aquarium with a parrot fish on my phone, that I feed daily. It's really cute, and it seems to be happy, as opposed to the birds I had as a kid.

Favorite place for a date?
The beach.
J: Heaven.

Favorite ridiculous law?
The Danish government just banned sex between animals and humans. It's still legal though to castrate, inseminate, and kill without any sedatives. That is just outright stupid.

Favorite time you got stoned?
Not sure I have a favorite time, but I remember one time where I was hanging out with two of my dear friends listening to Ennio Morricone and watching a candle. Probably doesn't sound that exciting, and it wasn't, but I'm very fond of the memory.

Favorite song for a date?
Any sort of classical italian music.
J: Connan Mockasin - "Do I Make You Feel Shy".

So today we learned that Anton’s mom is truly outraged. Thanks guys.

First hate will be playing in Aarhus with Ice Age on these dates:
01.05.2015 ­ AARHUS, Radar (SPOT Festival)
02.05.2015 ­ AARHUS, Other Life