PREMIERE: Soho Rezanejad's "Catch the Girl" is an Industrial Stunner

The latest from the Copenhagen-based songstress is irresistible trance at its finest.

af Polina Bachlakova
12 oktober 2015, 8:52am

Brace yourselves, people, 'cause this latest track from Soho Rezanejad is a pretty serious heavy hitter.
The Copenhagen-based singer caught our attention a few months ago with her ghostly baritone voice, techno roots and synthy beats. Since then, she's kept us intrigued by playing shows that elevate her 90s ravey, 80s goth songstress vibe to some powerful levels and by touring with the excellent First Hate. Her latest track, "Catch the Girl" - taken off of her upcoming debut EP Idolatry - only continues to deliver on the hype. A relentlessly pulsating, industrial tune, it's almost ruthlessly heavy—but avoids giving in to kitschy intensity thanks to the balance of Soho's affecting and sinister vocals.

If you're into this euphoric slice of ghostly trance, Soho's debut EP drops on November 6. You can also catch her playing a show at Copenhagen's Ideal Bar on November 11.