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Holy Shit

New Order Are Playing Roskilde 2016 and All is Right With the World

Wiz Khalifa and Foals are, too, but who cares? NEW ORDER ARE COMING.

New Order playing back in Copenhagen's old punk days. Photo by Ole Dreyer Wogensen

Some days, you wake up thinking it’s a regular ‘ol Wednesday, where the most exciting thing to hope for is getting to work without having your face washed off by the schizophrenic Danish weather. Other days, you wake up and it's not just a Wednesday—because today, you've found out that New Order are playing Roskilde. YES, PEOPLE. Roskilde revealed their latest batch of acts gracing the 2016 lineup today and New Order is on that list. We're a bit surprised, considering the psychic we asked to predict the acts playing the festival didn't mention anything about them. This is the first time New Order are playing Roskilde since 2002, AND this show will follow the release of the first album they’ve made in a decade. Let's let that sink in for a second: their - first - new - album - in - ten - years.

The festival also mentioned something about Wiz Khalifa, Foals and Vince Staples coming, in case you’re interested. Personally, we’re too distracted to care: the prospect of taking our personal "Blue Monday" dance routines we've spent years perfecting in front of our mirrors out into the real world is much too exciting.

So, congratulations, everyone—and please join us as we collectively lose our minds while we wait for the summer to get here.