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Holy Shit

Drop Everything and Stream The Love Coffin's Devastating Debut EP, "Veranda"

Could this Copenhagen-based quintet be the best new band in Denmark?

Photo by Gústi Goo

In this cluttered field of a contemporary music industry, we're constantly exposed to a massive amount of stuff. Whether we mechanically scroll past album reviews on our Facebook feeds or endlessly gorge on YouTube videos, the speed with which we consume music dilutes a lot of what we hear to little more than fluff. For a band to escape that fate, they have to make something intriguingly unique yet culturally relevant—backed with undeniable talent that delivers a powerful emotional punch. Few emerging bands meet that demanding set of criteria—but The Love Coffin most definitely has. In fact, it's not even that the Copenhagen-based quintet has met that criteria: they've simply blown it away to smithereens with their debut EP, "Veranda".

"Veranda" is unlike anything we've heard in a long, long time. It's an absolutely devastating body of work that mixes elements of noise rock, post-punk and even country and cocoons them in earth-shattering energy and unparalleled emotional poignancy. Unbridled anger leaks through "Sheets of Ice"; the wail of heartbreak permeates "Never Mine"; "These Fields" is a cathartic wrecking ball of a closer. Every song on this EP - every single one - immerses you in the rare kind of visceral emotional intensity you only get from truly outstanding music. Yes, "Veranda" is a cohesive and impressive body of work—but what's truly mind-blowing is that each song can stand alone as a deeply intense and sheerly addictive piece of music.

We don't want to get ahead of ourselves, but we can't help but ask: could The Love Coffin be the best new band in Denmark?

You can stream "Veranda" in its entirety below and pre-order it here before it officially drops next Monday through Get Your Ass to Mars. The Love Coffin are also having an EP release party this Saturday night; check out details here.