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Snoop Dogg Will Be Inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame

The Doggfather is the first musician to ever receive this very, very distinguished honor. There's also a good chance he'll be at Wrestelmania this weekend.
28 marts 2016, 9:54pm

With Wrestlemania this weekend, the WWE is preparing to induct a whole buncha candidates into their Hall of Fame—one of whom is Snoop Dogg, reports Rolling Stone. The Doggfather will be joining the celebrity wing, which includes alumni such as Pete Rose, Mike Tyson, and racist bigot Donald Trump. Mr. Dogg will be the first musician who's ever been given these honors—so once again, Snoop is the one paving the way towards the future of human enlightenment. It's marvelous.

It's also worth noting that Snoop Dogg's cousin, WWE wrestler Sasha Banks, hinted recently in an interview with Rolling Stone that Snoop might show up at Wrestlemania. (Yes, we also just realized that Snoop's cousin is a pro wrestler. So sick.).

Anyway, that's some good news for your Monday afternoon. He'll be inducted on Saturday, April 2 live on the WWE Network at 8 PM EST.

Here's a video of Snoop Dogg and Hulk Hogan doing some shit last year on RAW.