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Italian Goth Punks Horror Vacui Put the "Death" Back into Death Rock with "The Right Cure" Video

Life, pain, death, fear (and a supremely 80s guitar sound) on the road.

Photo courtesy of Avant

Day-in-the-life music videos are usually boring as hell, but Italian goth punks Horror Vacui's new video for the supremely 80s "The Right Cure" is the kind of visual tour diary you'll want to watch over and over again—all black leather, black hair, pale skin, kitties, and a host of excellent cheekbones. Black and white live footage is cut with scenes from the road; chilling on gravestones, applying mascara, taking bathroom selfies, getting in touch with nature, and boozing has never looked this good.

Sonically, Horror Vacui mines the graves of the 80s—new wave, post-punk, goth—and turns up gold, casually releasing some of the catchiest, most addictive death rock since Beastmilk and making it look sinfully easy. Politically, they're punk as fuck (no wonder, given their roots in Antifa stronghold Bologna); strictly anti-fascist, anti-sexist, and fiercely anti-war.

Watch the aforementioned video for "The Right Cure" below, and snag their latest album, Return of the Empire, on vinyl from Avant! Records and the band's own imprint, Legion Of The Dead.