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PREMIERE: From Norway With Love, Check Out Philco Fiction’s “Ruminals”

Meet the European pop act embracing clichès.

Norwegian Pop duo Philco Fiction are not afraid of clichés. Rather, they prefer to express widely-covered truisms of life and love through their music, orchestrating unique sounds to add refreshing vigor and undertones to such lyrical themes. Their track “Ruminals,” premiering today on Noisey, comes ahead of their debut album Talk/Brag, due out January 29. The song’s sleek percussion evolves continuously, with singer Turid Solberg’s breathy voice gliding gently over swelling synths and momentous, brassy vivacity. The band shared a story regarding their inspiration for this track:


"It’s a gospel pop jam played in a small wooden church somewhere on the countryside of Norway and in a parade in the streets of New Orleans. It starts with that one big chord on the organ, the last minute of a mass, a wedding or a funeral. Soon fading into a sad, but brave verse with a melody from forever. I am on a road where everything is standing dead still. Only the night moves closer. The song is slowly building, constantly introducing new elements and new members to the band. This is not a one-man show. When we get to the third verse, everybody's there and we're stronger than ever, preaching every cliché we know and love. It’s 'Let's Stay Together' and 'You're the inspiration.' It's 'Lean on me' and 'I'll be there.'"

Check out “Ruminals,” below.