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Holy Shit

Listen to Kehlani's New Song "Gangsta," from the 'Suicide Squad' Soundtrack

The Oakland singer's cut from the movie soundtrack will make you want to be her ride or die gangsta.

Singer and songwriter Kehlani has been extremely active lately, releasing two new singles, “Distraction” and “Crzy,” in the last month. She's also involved in the upcoming, highly anticipated motion picture Suicide Squad, and today she shared her song from the soundtrack on Beats1, giving listeners and Tsunami fan girls another glimpse of what the 21-year-old has been working on in preparation for her new album.


The song, "Gangsta," is the fourth single to premiere off the soundtrack. "Gangsta" begins with a smooth, subtly haunting line about needing a gangsta to be her ride or die through any and everything. Now I’m wondering how to apply for the position. I'll be Kehlani's gangsta any day. Bring it on. Check out the song below:

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