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Watch the Brand New Trailer for Upcoming Documentary 'I AM THOR'

Watch the rise, fall, and return of John Mikl Thor in one incredible documentary.

Few people out can work in movies, music, and bodybuilding. Few people can build up cult statuses that last for over 20 years. Few people are built like Thor.

I AM THOR directed by Ryan Wise follows actor, bodybuilder, musician, and general hunk Jon Mikl Thor, showing his path when he was active in the 70s and 80s, all to his comeback today. Aside from music, Thor has starred in such camp classics as Rock N' Roll Nightmare, and Zombie Nightmare, which starred Adam West and has been featured in Mystery Science Theater 3000. But despite all the detractors and success not matching up to where he wanted it, Thor hasn't stopped trying to make a succesful career out of heavy metal. I AM THOR is sure to be a documentary showing all aspects of fame, and the drive of one man in the middle of it.

Watch the trailer below, and check for screenings of the film near you right here.