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Holy Shit

Phoenix Team Up with Bill Murray to Cover The Beach Boys' "Alone On Christmas Day"

Phoenix release this song ahead of Sofia Coppola's forthcoming Netflix Special 'A Very Murray Christmas'—with all proceeds going to Unicef.

Can your brain even process this?

Phoenix—who haven't released a new track in years at this point because they're taking a well earned break (miss you guys)—have covered an unreleased 1979 Beach Boys, "All Alone On Christmas" (sob!), and this cover also features Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman, as well as former Letterman musical director Paul Shaffer and New York Dolls’ David Johansen. The track features on the forthcoming Netflix original holiday special—A Very Murray Christmas—directed by Sofia Coppola. Yeah that's a lot of keep-it-in-the-family awesome. (In case you don't know Coppola is married to Mars and she's also cousins with Schwartzman).

In any case, despite the somehwhat sad subject matter this is plinkety perfect and an actual rallying cry—"Pain soon has its ending"—with Murray adding his croaky refrain. Nice theremin too. Or is that a tiny, tiny synth?

In any case, this tune will be released via Glassnote Records with all proceeds going to Unicef. Get your copy here.

Side note: We totally misheard a lyric and thought Mars was singing: "When you see some happy breeders / It can make it bittersweet-er."