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My Friend Made an EP About His Dead Dog

It's called 'Negroni Tails.'

Last spring, a dog named Negroni ran into the middle of a busy street in Brooklyn and was run over by a car. The pup, half French Bulldog and half chihuahua, was sadly only about a year and half years old at the time. But in his short time on earth, he established himself as one of the most lovable and fun pets among a small group of musicians in the neighborhood. Today marks the one year anniversary of his death, and in celebration of his life, Vivek Sreekumar (who is, in the interest of full disclosure, a friend of mine) has put together an EP in Negroni's honor.


This might seem like a bit of a weird premise for a musical release, but there's some bizarre beauty in how humans deal with loss. The tracks—from "Little Light" to "DOG TOY DESTRUCTION" to "Belly Rubs Got Me All Like"—offer a particularly peculiar and heartwarming spin on saying goodbye. Negroni Tails is primarily instrumental, an ecclectic collection of electronic tinged beats and chopped up samples. It reminds me of The Range or Mount Kimbie, musicians that utilize emptiness as a form of human connection, and there's something a bit alluring with how distant the EP sounds. "Making this music for him has been the best coping mechanism I've found," says Sreekumar. "It really has given me a great sense of peace about the tragedy."

Stream Negroni Tails below.