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Holy Shit

Stream Chief Keef's 'Bang 3' Now

The Chicago drill rapper's latest also features A$AP Rocky and Mac Miller.

Chief Keef fans have been impatiently waiting on the release of his new mixtape Bang 3 ever since he followed up 2013's Bang Pt. 2 with Bang 2.5, but as of last night it's available to stream in advance of its mid-August release date. It's a solid tape. The Chitown drill rapper sounds like he's having a lot of fun. Keef serenades his money on "Singing to the Cheese" and tributes a fallen friend on "Ain't Missing You." A$AP Rocky contriutes a #problematic guest verse to the harrowing "Superheroes" about being a "pussy villain" (Rocky actually says "We ain't rapin' hoes, but we out here cookie stealing"…); later on, Mac Miller balls out on mixtape highlight "I Just Wanna," playfully detailing what happens after you make your first million. Stream Bang 3 below.


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