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Watch Fat Mike of NOFX Deck This Fan in the Face

Dude is not down with getting hugged on stage.

Imagine, if you will, that you are Fat Mike. You’ve been having neck pain. You’re on stage trying to play some song about dicks and farts and buttholes, and some dude with a bucket hat comes on stage to sing along with your song about dicks and farts and buttholes. You do not want said dude there. Do you A. Stop the show and ask him to leave? B. Have security step in? Or C Lay him out with a backhand and a swift boot to the face? Obviously Option C is what happened as evidenced in the above video from NOFX’s Sydney show. Something like this has the potential to easily spiral into internet punk-shaming territory but NOFX fans are a special breed and Mike and Alex (the bucket hat dude) already hashed it out via the magic of Twitter. The dude even made it his profile photo…


@FatMike_of_NOFX No worries mike, i completely forgot you mentioned your neck hurting, I was way too drunk.

— Alex. (@alexanderpeterq) November 5, 2014

Mike even agreed to buy Bucket Hat a beer…

Alex, if you go to the show on friday I'll buy you a beer. Just don't throw it at me alright?

— Mike Burkett (@FatMike_of_NOFX) November 5, 2014

@lemonlawpunk @FatMike_of_NOFX not a fake account, heres photo of my swollen lip and in what i wore

— Alex. (@alexanderpeterq) November 5, 2014

So that's that. A relatively happy ending to a story about a kid getting kicked in the face.