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We're Pretty Much Obsessed with the Skewed Pop Perfection of Funktionslust's "A Different Street"

Let this new London duo weird you out.
12 marts 2015, 2:40pm

This might be the only pop song that unifies sick R&B vocals, a drill whirring, and a drummer and his favorite snare falling down a flight of concrete stairs, with his busted bleeping robot in tow. OK, so it's doubtful that these elements actually make up the London duo's new song, but it sure sounds like it—and that's what makes it brilliant and bonkers and daring. Weird pop is always the most wonderful kind of pop.

Made up of Sage Redman and Joe Gillick, the duo met in London when Sage moved from Seattle to study. They became fast friends and then started making this glorious racket together. Thus far they've dropped a few tunes online (check them out here), but this is will be their first proper release and it's a banger.

Funktionlust's EP,

A Different Street,

comes out on 4.20.