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Holy Shit

Future's Cohort DJ Esco Spent '56 Nights' in a Dubai Jail, and All They Got Was This Dope Mixtape

Stream and download their new mixtape '56 Nights' right here.

Atlanta rapper Future and his longtime collaborator DJ Esco dropped a new mixtape entitled 56 Nights late last night. The title refers, of course, to DJ Esco's misadventures in the Middle East; the DJ spent fifty-six nights in a Dubai jail for marijuana-related charges. Judging by 56 Nights' scorching beats and woozy, Eastern vibe, that time behind bars had quite an effect on the self-professed "coolest DJ in the world" (as per track one, "We Never Gon Lose"). Featuring production from Southside and Tarentino of 808 Mafia, the mixtape sees Future in fine form, as well, dropping bars about the finer things—drugs, women, and Instagram.


Stream and download the whole thing below: