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Woah, Dude!

Lady Gaga Shocked Everyone at the Oscars Last Night by Actually Being Great

She can’t put out a decent album to save her life right now, but her voice is better than ever.
Emma Garland
London, GB

It has happened. Lady Gaga has finally made the most shocking move of her entire career. The woman responsible for swaddling her feet in raw beef, showing up at the Grammys in a giant egg and hiring an artist to puke on her boobs at SXSW performed at the Oscars night and surprised everyone by giving a perfectly regular performance. Regular in the sense that she was not dressed like a Damien Hirst exhibition, and perfect in the sense that she absolutely smashed it.


Chosing a medley of songs from The Sound of Music, Gaga's voice sounded more entrancing than a mermaid choir on a tropical shoreline, and that's despite the fact that she can't put out a decent album to save her life right now. In the same way that Miley Cyrus' questionable change of "image" in the last few years has distracted from the fact that hun has a flawless set of pipes, Gaga's tendency towards the outrageous (read: ridiculous) has often overshadowed her ability as a performer. Take that away, and what you have left is an obviously talented woman with a technically incredible voice, the likes of which hasn't been put on a pop pedastal since the fall of Whitney. I just hope this display of classical proficiency, that was so good it made Julie Andrews cry, doesn't segue into a Broadway musical co-produced with James Franco or an album of ragtime duets with Frank Sinatra's hologram.

Elsewhere in musical interludes at a movie awards show news:

Rita Ora fucked it. I don't really know what happened here because it's not overwhelmingly bad per se, but you can hear the vocal recording she's singing over more than you can actually hear her singing, which comes off as a commendable drunk karaoke effort at best.

John Legend and Common picked up the slack with "Glory", providing not just a slice of political commentary but taking the whole damn pie and slamming it in the communal face of celebrity.

And then The Lonely Island rolled out "Everything Is Awesome" ft. Tegan and Sara doing their best Danzig impressions, which is essentially EDM: The Musical and is either fan-fucking-tastic or the physical manifestation of Times Square disappearing up it's own arse.

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