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These Are the Bands You Should Go See at Spot Festival

Good advice for good people who enjoy good music.

af Polina Bachlakova
01 maj 2015, 10:31am

Finally, we've entered into the magic that is festival season. This weekend, we're abandoning our regular life responsibilities to enjoy SPOT Festival in Århus, which means we’re in for a few days heavy on rad music and the stress of you having to absolutely go see them all. Speaking of stress, we mean it when we say there’s a lot of great stuff; in fact, there are so many promising bands playing, it’s a struggle deciding which ones to see. So for your benefit, here’s our list of bands to check out at SPOT Festival.

We think these dudes are killing it right now, and for a good reason. First Hate – consisting of Joakim Nørgaard and Anton Falck Gansted - make music that’s evocative of Depeche Mode at their prime, yet rooted in addictive melodies and synth work that makes it pretty much impossible not to dance to. The media has had its eyes on First Hate lately (for example, they were recently nominated for an Ibyen pris for the upcoming artist category), so if you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, GO SEE THEM.

They're playing Friday, 22:00 at Radar.

By 2 AM on Friday night, we’re guessing you want to hear something that will revive you and supercharge your energy so you can keep partying. If that sounds like you, go see Nick Kold Ericksen a.k.a. Taragana Pyjarama. The Danish electronic music producer creates shimmering beats that build an engulfing atmosphere through a combination of R&B vocals and proper dance momentum. If dance parties are your kind of thing, check out Taragana Pyjarama.

Catch them Friday, 2:10 AM at Radar.

There’s a good chance that on Saturday, you may be feeling a little rough thanks to you throwing fermented hops at your own face the entire Friday night. So, ease yourself into another potentially rowdy night by checking out Cancer early in the evening. The Danish duo makes music that dreamily swells into hazy melodies pierced by Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild’s soaring vocals, and we aren’t shy about our admiration of that. It’s calmly emotional and subtle on the drama—and in our opinion, that’s a pretty awesome combination.

Cancer's playing on Saturday, 17:45 at Musikhuset – Store Sal.

Anything that has to do with Get Your Ass to Mars
There’s psych rock that sounds like it’s stuck in a pair of someone’s bellbottom pants from 1971, and then there’s this kind of psych rock—stuff that brings out the classic elements of the genre yet balances them out with undeniable quality and refreshingly contemporary innovation. Get Your Ass to Mars is a Copenhagen-based label and booking agency that represents those kinds of bands, and you can see three of them at Spot. De Underjordiske is no-fuss psych that stands out thanks to surreal Danish lyrics, simple and satisfying melodies and a powerful presence on stage. As for Shiny Darkly, we trust them to deliver cutting post-punk sung with howling momentum that leaves its mark. We’re also really excited to see The Wands, a young duo that’s known for delivering solid, classic psych with a reputation for fucking mindblowing live performances. Apparently their visuals, created by Asger Risborg, are going to be pretty crazy, too, so don’t miss out.

Friday, 20:00

Friday, 22:30

Saturday, 17:45

One of our definite favorites this weekend, Samaris is an Icelandic trio conjuring haunting music that pierces your very core through a combination of otherworldly vocals and melancholic electronic beats. Samaris elegantly immerse you in their surreal version of the world, and deliver one of the most cathartic listening experiences we’ve heard in a while. Word on the street is that their live performance is just as powerful.

See them Saturday, 21:30 at SCC Minor.