Shaq is Back and Sprinkling “Disco Dust” All Over Denmark

The DK-based DJ and producer’s latest deep house adventure will make you wanna disco like your folks used to.

30 marts 2016, 6:18am

With the massive ex-LA Lakers center Shaquille O'Neal's glory days rapidly fading into memory, the world is desperately in need of a new Shaq. No worries though, DJ and producer Shaq has got you covered, and his latest track "Disco Dust" is as dark, sexy and danceable as ever. Fusing deep house with disco, the 21-year-old Danish DJ sails his airtight beats through a sea of disco flair, mixed with bodacious samples that sometimes sound like garbled Michael Jackson pleasure-moans. It's guaranteed to make you want to drop what you're doing and straight up bust a roller skating moonwalk that would put your mommy and daddy to shame.

"Disco Dust" will not be on Shaq's upcoming debut EP, which is set to drop some time later this summer, but he has revealed that the entire EP will be centered around this particular fusion of 70's/80's disco and modern styles of house - so you might as well dust off those leg warmers and go get your disco ball out of storage now.

You can catch Shaq live at Prince Charles in Berlin on April 1st.