You Need to Hear This

Alex Vargas' “Giving Up The Ghost" is a Spiritual Smörgåsbord of Electronica

Electronic soul wizardry all over the place in the Danish-British songwriter's latest.

af Alfred Maddox
17 september 2015, 12:59pm

Electronic soul is a fairly new and obscure genre, perhaps hard to imagine or somewhat contradictory to the naked ear. Yet that’s precisely what Danish-British Alex Vargas embodies: the songwriter/producer makes electronic soul jams or ‘noise soul’—elevated to maximum effect in his latest, voltaic track, “Giving Up the Ghost”.

Produced by Dan Grech-Margurerat (who’s also lent his creative alchemy to such titans as Lana Del Rey, Rae Morris and Halsey), the track is a soul-shocking follow-up to his breakthrough hits “Till Forever Runs Out” and “Solid Ground”, which harvested over a million plays on Spotify. Ultimately, “Giving Up the Ghost” is a catchy slice of spacey, electrified soul/R&B and a hard-hitting sample of what’s to come when Alex Vargas’ eagerly awaited EP drops October 2nd. Thanks to Alex Vargas, electronic soul is a thing now.