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Best Friends Have a Massive Dump in One of Their Music Videos

I called them up to ask why.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB

Yesterday it was really, really hot. But because I have to work, instead of spending my time outdoors, I stayed inside and watched a computer screen for half of the day. While venturing through the web I came across a video from Best Friends, called “Witches”.

Within the first ten seconds of the video, I watched a massive shit come out of a guy’s ass. After re-watching the clip about seven times, I wondered why anyone would want to do that in a music video. Since the band are playing Liverpool Sound City next month and are probably on a press run anyway, I decided to ask them.


Noisey: Okay, guys, first up. WTF is up with the massive shit in your video for “Witches”?

Lewis: Basically the Beatles sold a shitload of records, right? There was that conspiracy that McCartney was dead and that there were clues running through their back catalogue. We're doing the same but with the shit and the clues tell you who did it. It's strictly business.

Ed: There are a few rumours flying around about who it was, I'm not even 100 percent sure myself.

I see, and was this all shot in one take? What did the guy eat beforehand?

Ed: As far as I know there wasn't any CGI or post-production involved, straight up brown town.

And: why?

Lewis: People seem to find it funny or they don't and personally I find poo hilarious. I feel sorry for the people who don't because it brings joy into my life.

Alongside shit, it’s pretty clear that you guys like skating. Are you any good? 

Lewis: It used to be all I did and it was fun. My parents decided when I was 15 I was allowed to jump in a car with a load of guys and go anywhere I wanted on skate trips every weekend. I was never good enough to be in magazines or hooked up or anything but I had a couple of sections on local videos. It was more about hanging out and going to cool places for me, but when I learned that drinking was fun it was the beginning of the end really and I guess the band fills that hole now. I still like to get out when the weather's nice, though. I dont wanna make people think we're trying to latch on to the whole "rad sk8" vibe too much cause it makes me cringe. I'm not really in a position to argue about band names but calling your band "Skaters" is probably a good way to be shunned by the skateboarding community. Also, anyone see that kickturn Wavves did in one of his videos? Stinkin'!


Have you ever had any accidents? I once broke my head after bailing out of the top of a quarter pipe and over the railing on to the concrete below.

Jack: I broke my wrist when I was 15. I remember being so hyped about finally getting to wear a cast that I used a photo with it on as my MySpace profile pic for months.

Lewis: I never got too hurt but Ive spent time at A&E with friends with their arms going the wrong way.

I used to play all those old Tony Hawk games. I think we can agree that Tony Hawk’s Underground Number 1 was the best, right? 

Jack: THPS2 4 LYF

Ed: I got Underground for Christmas on the Gamecube and wasn't that impressed, for me it's all about THPS 2-4 for gameplay. It got a bit ridiculous in THUG with all the climbing and vehicles and shit. Someone needs to bring out a Skate/ THPS crossover with all the levels from every single Tony Hawk game but with Skate 2 gameplay. If someone makes this happen I'll never have to leave the house.

Your manager tells me that you were once spat on by Modest Mouse. I love Modest Mouse. How did this happen?

Jack: I went to a Modest Mouse show about five years ago at Rock City in Nottingham and Isaac was rocking out at the front of the crowd. So for some reason I decided to stick my middle finger up in his face. He returned the favour, with a double middle finger and then spat in my face. Best moment of my life.

Any future beef with Modest Mouse?


Jack: Nah, me and Isaac are still cool. They're still my favourite band of all time but I wouldn't hesitate to jack him if I ever see them again.

So, you guys are playing Liverpool Sound City. Are you excited? I’ve never been to Liverpool before.

Tom: Of course! We get to play on the same stage as Thee Oh Sees – one of the most seminal garage rock outfits to ever grace this world. Hopefully John Dwyer won't beat us up because he looks like a pretty tough guy and I can see us being pretty annoying around him – I already have a whole list of questions I want to ask.

Lewis: Playing on the same stage as Thee Oh Sees is living the dream for me. But I'm not gonna get stupid as I learned my lesson at Beacons festival last year. After too many drinks and watching Jacuzzi Boys I decided to go over to them and say something along the lines of "I FUCKING LOVE YOU GUYS THAT WAS GREAT' they were like "Cool, did you play today?" and then I heard myself say something you should pretty obviously never, EVER say to a band you really like. "YEAH, WE'RE CALLED BEST FRIENDS, HAVE YOU HEARD OF US?" and I thought 'Wait, what did I just say?' As expected they looked at me like wait, did he just say that? "No, sorry." "OK YEAH ANYWAY I FUCKING LOVE YOU GUYS" We then proceeded to piss them off further by talking to their tour manager for ages when they clearly wanted to leave. I just wanna say in my defence that I was tired and I fucking love those guys.


Haha, what can fans expect from your show? Are you going to be bringing out any holograms?

Ed: How soon is too soon after someone dies to make a hologram of them to do a guest appearance?

Jack: A Dude Love comeback. Maybe even an onstage wrestling match where Dude Love calls someone out. Hopefully it will break out into an onstage Royal Rumble with the audience, sound engineers and a couple of Thee Oh Sees.

What are your influences? I’m hearing lots of Bos Angeles, Wavves and all sorts of other surfy stuff in there.

Tom: We're all into different kinds of music.

Lewis: I just got Spotify Premium so I'm catching up on all the stuff I missed from the last 60 years. I've just started to hit prog and its properly long.

Oh, and, did you guys ever play in Bournemouth? I can’t remember because I think I was pretty drunk. But I recognise you from somewhere beyond the internet…..

Ed: We played at 60 Million Postcards with Bos Angeles a while ago, I think it was their last show. We're there again soon with Wolf Alice.

Sweet, cya then!

Liverpool Sound City takes place 2-4 May 2013

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