VICE UK 10th Birthday Party - Part 1


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VICE UK 10th Birthday Party - Part 1

We're almost sick of people telling us how great it was, so here are some pictures that prove it.

On Thursday night, we threw a party to celebrate our tenth birthday. We're almost sick of people telling us how great it was at this point, but the photos just came through and we figured you'd be keen to see evidence of the fact that yes, it did really happen, and no, it wasn't all just one weird, wonderful dream. We'd like to thank all the artists and DJs who appeared on the night, for making it the kind of night where you could see Andrew W.K. in one room and Mark Ronson in the next, where two of our interns could three-way kiss Crystal Castles' Alice Glass and where VICE's resident riot boy Henry Langston could get strangled till purple in the face by Trash Talk's Lee Spielman. Or maybe you missed all that because you decided to spend your night in the company of Danny Brown, Klaxons, PEACE, Iggy Azalea and our special guest Zebra Katz who stepped in at the last minute to replace Wiley. And that's fine. The line-up was so good at Cable Thursday night that it was kinda tough to make bad decisions in there. Which is a good thing, given the amount of free booze provided by Grolsch, Jagermeister, Jameson, Rekorderlig, Sailor Jerry and Black Cow. Vans made it happen too. Thanks guys, couldn't have done it without you.


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