This story is over 5 years old.


Meet Loui$ Currency

We interviewed a Danish rap legend in the making.

Louis Currency may be the best thing to ever happen to the Danish music scene. The half American, half Danish artist is definitive proof of what must have been a glorious night of lovemaking between Kanye West and Riff Raff: gold chains flapping at a furious pace until the two egos morphed into one private jet enthused, scooter driving godsent by the name of Louis Currency. Apart from pushing the envelope with lyrics like “Money, drugs and murder/ Is all I ever heard of/ Beat that pussy up/ Like, like Ike Turner”, Mr. Currency also seems determined to explore just how many times a white male can utter the n word before things get weird. Either way, it’s safe to say, that Louis is in a category entirely of his own.

His latest mixtape, Murder on my Mind vol. 2, is skillfully produced by D.O.B.P. and we recommend you listen to it immediately.