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Macca Isn't Lame Anymore

Here's why.

Saturday night’s Hard Rock Calling gig taught me a few things. In spite of the fact that they all wear girdles and are predominantly in their sixties, the E Street band can still devastate an audience for over three solid hours. Other bands would build entire careers around songs the Boss can happily throw away mid-set. And Bruce can still make dreams come true, in a Jim’ll Fix It kind of way as well as an emotional epiphany kind of way.

The biggest surprise, though, came at the end of the gig. The surprise wasn’t the actual appearance of Paul McCartney - old Granddad Beatle often gets wheeled out at these things because, hey, he lives in London andhe can’t always be in the studio writing albums in Latin - it was that the appearance of the Beatles bass player made things better not worse.

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