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We Got Our Hair Cut by Beliefs

And also had a chat with the duo about Toronto's underdog attitude to music.

The basics, then: Beliefs, who recently signed to No Pain in Pop (home of Doldrums, Grimes and Echo Lake no less), are a calorific shoegaze duo that throw around words like “cassingle” without being dickheads about it. As with most music heads in Toronto, their self-sustaining, borderline-punk lifestyle comes not from some authenticity crisis or wanky desire to be zeitgeist, but a genuine belief in the power of DIY as a way of life.

The last few years saw now-roommates Jesse Crowe and Josh Korody both move to Toronto, because Canada is mostly totally fucking depressing, unless you live in Toronto or Montreal or Vancouver. The press release for their eponymous debut LP reckons they “bonded on a love of Jesus and Mary Chain, Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine,” but if you’re imagining hippies with an obsessive interest in their shoelaces, forget about it: Beliefs bash pedals and groan ethereally because it sounds amazing, not to keep a handle on their indie cred-ometer. Anyway, I took to the barber chair to ask the big questions about the band’s status as hot T.Dot property, while pro-hairdresser/singer-guitarist Jesse gave me the snip (shut up, not that kind of snip).

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