Free Art and Music Really Seems to Move People


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Free Art and Music Really Seems to Move People

Which isn't really that surprising, now we've said it out loud.

What happens when you bring together three pioneers of the London art scene and ask them to collaborate on something totally out of their comfort zone? Yeah, we didn’t expect you to know, but evidently Levi’s don’t like unanswered questions because this month they endeavoured to find out. And find out they did; on October 9th the Oval Space in Hackney hosted an audio-visual performance created by electronic musician Koreless, Mercury-prize nominated artist Ghostpoet and audio-visual artist/director Alex Turvey as part of Levi's #MAKEOURMARK campaign. Obviously this wasn’t your run-of-the-mill really obscure collaborative screening, but it was never going to be, was it? A month ago, the artists had been given a simple brief to work together on a piece of audio-visual work which represented the question “What Moves You?” – not exactly restrictive. The collaborators were encouraged to explore the Modern Frontier: What drives young artists in the UK? We wanted them to push their boundaries and to excel the everyday. Despite our (really high) expectations (sorry guys) they still managed to exceed them by a long way, and the project grew into something really inspiring pretty speedily. Oddly enough despite being full-time city-dwellers, it was the idea of organic sound and natural imagery which really inspired the artists as a trio. "Nature isn't something we have a lot of living in London, so this inspired us to bring the natural world and synthetically create it in the city", explained Turvey. So, rather than sitting in a studio trying to find inspiration on Google Earth (also a good idea) the team set off on a trek to the lawless wilds of North Wales, hiking up Mount Snowdon to film a piece set on the rocky hillsides with Koreless capturing the sound around them. Back in the studio these sounds were sampled to create instruments from which the final track was created. It was a pretty impressive collaboration between high-tech programming and totally spontaneous soundbites, which unsurprisingly drew crowds to the final event ready to listen to what was essentially the robotic clip-clopping of a horse dancing across a mountain. The night itself was a collaboration of art, booze and music (yeah, it was amazing) with the screening followed by DJ sets from Lone and xxxy. It made us proud to support young British artists and it made us very hungover. Success. Watch the video below.


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