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Things Get Weird at NYFW

Fashion's equivalent to music's visual equalisers.

Fashion is a lot of things. It's glamorous and beautiful; it's hard to pin down and hard to talk about. It's esoteric and readily available, heady and supremely simple, rarefied and widely appealing. It technically effects everyone but, in the grand scheme of things, doesn't really affect shit. And we like that.

In a world with increasing transparency, it's cool that we still have something a little opaque. You know, something that you can't quite put your finger on. We like wondering if we should be mindless hacks ooh-ing and ah-ing with shifting eyes every time a look comes down the runway, or if we should be making fun of people who look better and smell nicer than we do.

Maybe we just don't get it? But what if we did? That's pretty trippy (about a seven on the tripter scale) if you ask us. So naturally, when we had all this B-roll eye candy left over from our fashion week coverage, we got stoned and made this video.