Vida Sophia's Breezy, New Single "I Never Surf" is a Must for Your Comedown Playlist

Dopamine is important, kids.

24 august 2016, 11:07am

Nathalia Sophia Barat, the velvety-vocaled femme fatale behind the Copenhagen-based alt-pop project, first got our attention when she covered “See You In My Nightmares” from everyone’s favorite self-acclaimed pop culture Messiah, Kanye West. Now she's back, still backed by Miccel Mohr (First Hate), with easy-paced delight "I Never Surf" off of the upcoming second EP, set to drop sometime mid-November.

The Danish/Israeli leading lady's soothingly airy vocals intertwine with surfy guitar, landing us somewhere in the intersection between Taken By Trees, Tennis and a Nordic Lana Del Rey - which is every bit as sweet as it sounds.

Everyone's got their own road trip playlist. “San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)”, “California Dreamin’” and the like are seldom far away when you're desperately trying to carve out your very own Kerouac-esque adventure in an all-too-informed world. But what about on the way home, when everyone is sick of each other and themselves, any and all pharmaceutical assets are long gone, and life suddenly just feels all too real?

Enter the mellow, surfy stylings of Vida Sophia, as you allow your brain to replenish its dopamine levels on the painful journey back to normalcy.

All photos by Sarah Buthmann