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Kanye West Remixes Desiigner's "Timmy Turner" into What It Should've Been in the First Place

We can all do better than 'Zoolander 2.'

af Jabbari Weekes
12 september 2016, 12:51pm

As we all know by now the CDQ version of "Timmy Turner" is horrible. The song failed to capture the haunting simplicity of the viral Desiigner XXL freestyle that reached near Snakes On A Plane level of internet fervor. Becoming if anything, closer to the film Zoolander 2, reveling in it's all its excess and celebrity cameos with the heart destroyed and, deservedly, a failure upon arrival. However, life does indeed give us second chances and the "Timmy Turner" remix featuring Kanye West is exactly what this should've been in the first place.

No longer buried in maximalism synths, chuggy basslines, and melodramatic chords the song has been stripped to its bare essentials. Kanye chides with all-too-familiar self-comparisons with Jobs and Denzel Washington while Desiigners' chaotic well-wishes are reinforced by finger snaps and latter half insertion of African goblet drums, retaining and building on the spirit of the original freestyle. Listen below.

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