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Correspondent Confidential

I Was Kidnapped by a Colombian Guerrilla Army

T. Christian Miller's run-in with FARC, a left-wing guerrilla army.

Journalists go deep. Sometimes they go so deep into a story they lose track of where the story ends and their private life begins. Correspondent Confidential is a series of illustrated documentary shorts narrated by award-winning journalists. Newspaper reporters, documentary filmmakers, radio producers and journalists tell personal stories about the harrowing – and hilarious – experiences they've had on the job while reporting on some of the world's most high-profile issues and events.

Reporter T. Christian Miller was based in Colombia during the height of the US government's war on drugs. As the US began to pour money into fighting the cocaine trade in Colombia, it inevitably spilled over into fighting the rebel groups that controlled – and "taxed" – the areas where coca plants were grown. Miller went out into the jungle to report on a government helicopter that was shot down during a mission to spray coca plants, when he and his assistant were kidnapped by the FARC, a left-wing guerrilla army.

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