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Need Music to Help You Focus on Very Important Things? The 'Stranger Things' Soundtrack Is Now Online

Let these foreboding 80s synths marinate your Friday brain.

As you can tell from Twitter, everybody in the entire world watched Stranger Things. Not one single person missed it. Aside from the newborn babies born since publication, there is nobody reading this article who won't understand sentences like: Don't we all love Eleven? And: Doesn't the upside down make you think differently about life? And that pleases me, because it means I can write freely and without limit.


So, dear reader, let me use that literary freedom to tell you this: the foreboding 80s synth inspired masterpiece that comprised the Stranger Things soundtrack – as created by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein who we interviewed here – is now available online. And you can stream it below via Apple Music. Ah… that feels good.