Vundabar Are Best Friends Who Make Good Post-Punk


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Vundabar Are Best Friends Who Make Good Post-Punk

We're premiering their song "Darla," from their new album, "Gawk."

Vundabar came together in high school, and their first album blossomed out of the sort of friendship that can only really be forged by kids drawn together by adolescent alienation and the general discomfort of being a teenager. Like all great high school bands, they tracked the album on GarageBand with a couple mics and a lot of time on their hands. The finished record, Antics, was surprisingly well-received and even netted them a European tour thanks to an enthusiastic French booking agency.

When Vundabar made it back stateside, they tracked a new album, Gawk, which come out on July 24. The new record was either tracked in a decent studio or the boys have figured out some genius hack to make GarageBand sound incredible. It's a thoughtful, post-punk thing with angular guitars and bleeding with hooks. Today, we're premiering their song "Darla," from the new album. Check it out!

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