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We've Been Nominated for a Load of Lovie Awards

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A former al-Qaeda fighter, who became a member of ISIS, shows off his al-Qaeda inscribed gun in Aleppo. Photo by Medyan Dairieh, taken during the filming of 'The Islamic State'.

It's the end of September, which traditionally means people around the UK will be dragging themselves back to school or uni, bundling up their summer wardrobes and hurling them down a well, or voting for us in the Lovie Awards.

Last year VICE scooped ten awards, and this year we've been nominated for a whole bunch more. If you've enjoyed our stuff over the last year, do us a solid and vote – we'd really appreciate it. If you absolutely hated our stuff and religiously commented about how shit everything was on our Facebook page, vote for us in the knowledge that we'll then have to rent expensive suits for the night and try to avoid spilling any of the free booze on them.

Whatever your motivation, the only way to vote is to click on the links below:

Website: Best Writing (Editorial) -
Internet Video: Best Web Personality/Host - Iceman,
Internet Video: Documentary -Obsessed: The Chinese Friends, i-D
Internet Video: Music & Entertainment - Street, Sound & Style, i-D
Social: News & Information and Web: News - VICE News
Internet Video: Best Editing - The Islamic State, VICE News
Websites: News - VICE News

Thanks! Here's a reminder of the kind of thing that got us nominated: