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Rae Sremmurd, the Greatest Rock Band of All Time, Just Released the Video for “Black Beatles,” Featuring Gucci Mane

John Lennon who?

Rae Sremmurd is glam rock. They distill the best elements of their genre: energy, hooks, and experimentation, into weapons of​ concentrated pop annihilation and undeniable swagger. "Black Beatles" is their magnum opus, their "Ziggy Stardust," their "Won't Get Fooled Again," their "Hey Jude." If "Black Beatles" had come out in 1967, it would be the best track on ​Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band​, except the album wouldn't be called that anymore, and it'd be called ​Safe Sex Pay Checks​. Sremmlife, baby.​​


​So, "Black Beatles." Great. It's received the only video it's deserved, which largely consists of Rae Sremmurd, Gucci Mane, and Mike Will Made-It (the 2016 George Martin, TBH) being the rock stars they are and re-enacting several key scenes of the Beatles' history, from the rooftop concert at Savile Row to Slim Jimmy as John Lennon, playing an acoustic guitar while laying in bed. It should be mentioned that the footwear displayed in this video is absolutely flagrant. Did Paul McCartney ever wear such fire kicks? He may have, actually, since he's hung around Kanye. Well, Ringo definitely doesn't, then. Watch the "Black Beatles" video below.

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