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Video Premiere

Watch Fugleflugten's Video for "Det Er På Tide" and Lose All Faith in Humanity

Why is the world just so much crueler when seen through the eyes of a breathtakingly animated fox?

It seems like every new band wants to be Joy Division these days. And honestly, who can blame them? But going from the mushy underground to the higher echelons of the post-punksphere is quite a step up, and most bands don't even make it across the edge. Introducing Fugleflugten​ – (which roughly translates to "As the crow flies") four shoegazing Danish dudes who actually seem to be making it work.

Fugleflugten is the result of a ten-year-old friendship. About six months ago, they released their first ever video for the single "Ensom Galakse​", and now they're back with another playful, little treat for us. Off of the debut EP Aftenpragtstjerne, the lads from Fugleflugten invite us into the woods with the single "Det Er På Tide" ("It's About Time"), built up around soulful bass lines and a mesmerizing baritone by lead vocalist Rasmus Yde – who, by the way, also directed this soul-wrenching feels-bomb of a video.​ Their music is equal parts dark, poetic, and dreamlike with the introversion of shoegaze tying these delicious soundscapes together.


Remember being five years old and watching The Animals of Farthing Wood alone in your room? Remember how it made you feel sad and depressed about the circle of life, and how it was the first time you realised that our species are complete dicks? You were probably too young to comprehend the depth of it, and it wasn't until you read Animal Farm for the first time in high school that you definitively lost your faith in humanity.

But as you watch this well-dressed, humanized fox in the video restlessly run through the rain, the little faith in humanity that's been restored to you by the resurrection of Britney Spears​ slowly seeping away, you'll at least know you're not alone in your despair:

Wanna catch Fugleflugten live? Do it. Here:

September 16th - Studenterhus Aarhus

November 4th - Kulturstationen Vanløse

_November 19th - Stengade​_