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Question Of The Day

What Would You Eat for Your Last Meal?

Is your answer "lots of white girls"?

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Death row inmates have traditionally been granted a last meal of their choosing – a convention that has led to some inmates picking some bizarre foods, like Jolly Ranchers or dill pickles. But in these trying financial times, some American states are cutting back on last meals. Texas, for instance, ended the practice after a white supremacist murderer ordered a giant meal that included a pound of barbecue sauce. So before the last last meal happens, we decided to ask some ordinary folks what they would have on the eve of their death.


Brittain (left): Maybe some halal.

Caleb: Margarita pizza and a Coke.

Wow, you decided that really fast.
Caleb: I practiced that.

So you've thought of this before?
Caleb: I have, actually.

Why those foods?
Caleb: They taste good. It just popped into my head one day while I was in the shower. It's a good and simple meal.

Brittain: I just like the lamb and chicken carts around here. They're amazing. And you get a free drink with it, so I'd get a Diet Coke… No, I'd get a Coke. Splurge for my last meal. I wouldn't be too worried about refined sugar.

Kathy: Taco Bell.

What would you get from Taco Bell?
A taco.

It's your last meal before you die and you just want one taco?
I'd probably have five tacos. I love Taco Bell.

Rosanna: Spaghetti. A whole bowl of spaghetti.

Ashley: Chicken. I love chicken. I had chicken for breakfast.

I had brunch, and I'm not sure what that is, but I had waffles and eggs and chicken and French fries.

Avery (top): Probably steak. And Velveeta. Like three days worth of it.

Avery: Together. It's a heart stopper, but oh well.

Samuel (bottom): I'd definitely eat some linguini with a big steak on the side. And banana pudding. And girls. Lots of girls.

Avery: Yeah, I'd definitely eat lots of girls, too.

Any specific type of girl?
Avery: You.

Avery: I'm sorry. Not trying to be offensive, but you're very beautiful. I mean, I don't just eat any type of girl.

Samuel: Exactly.

Avery: I have to know her for at least a year. But mostly white girls.

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