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All Around Losing - I'm in a Hip Electronica Band and I Don't Know Why

Harry Cheadle's misguided attempts to become a rock star.

In this episode of All Around Losing, Harry gets sprayed with moth poop, swallows glowing balls and dresses in chainmail – all in a misguided effort to become a rock star. His dreams of becoming a guitar god are doomed from the start, as he doesn’t know how to play an instrument, so he meets up with some old art school friends who offer him the chance to join their electronica band, US™. Soon, Harry is waving a wand around his body to create ambient white noise while the rest of the band wails away on pedals, guitars, and drum machines. He never quite seems to know what’s going on, but that’s fine, as neither does the audience.

Special thanks to:
Genevieve Belleveau: @gorgeousTaps  
Brian Seneca Carroll: @whateverr21 and Mind Dynamics
Wadih Sader
3egg Studios:
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