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'Four More Beers for Obama,' Sings Africa

Our friends in Malawi don't have much time for "silly" Mitt Romney.

af Oscar Rickett
05 november 2012, 12:30pm

Remember that time those Malawian guys emailed us a video pleading with the British public to make Nirvana Christmas number one? Well, they are back and this time they've grown a political conscience.

Just the other day I got an email from one of them – a guy I've kept up correspondence with called Jack – saying that he and his pals were worried that Mitt Romney, “this silly colonial man”, was going to win the upcoming American election. “I swear this guy – Mitt – will only come to Africa to steal our natural resources. He loves his natural resources. He’s greedy and acts like a robot,” he said.

With this in mind, Jack and his boys got together to have a little drinking session in honour of their boy Obama. As they sat downing their lagers, they realised that they wanted Obama to have four more years, but that they also wanted four more beers. And that’s when they made this video. “This is our message. The message from Malawi: FOUR MORE YEARS. FOUR MORE BEERS!”

Go tell your friends, especially if they happen to be American, of voting age and politically malleable.

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