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Question Of The Day

Which Politician Would You Most Like to Party With?

"None of them. They're all the same to me."

Boris Johnson giving it the big one to DJ Zinc.

After winning the German election, setting her up for a historic third term in office, Angela Merkel urged her party to celebrate a "super result". That got me thinking about how exactly she wanted them to celebrate – digestives and bottomless decaf refills back at party HQ? Or three days of tax-funded excess at the Berghain?

I figured it was more likely to be the former, but then politicians do have a long history of partying much better than you'd expect; Eliot Spitzer, Berlusconi and (allegedly) Toronto mayor Rob Ford being just a few. With that in mind, I thought I'd go and ask some people I bumped into in the street which politician they'd most like to party with.


Katie: I don’t know – none? I don’t like politics. I’d probably party with the whole of the Green Party.

VICE: The whole of the Green Party? What would you do?
Yeah. I’d like to ask them embarrassing questions when they’re drunk.

And get all that parliamentary gossip?

Fair enough.

Nathan: None of them.

None, none, none.

Okay. How come?
Really and truly, they’re all the same to me.

I need an answer.
All of them. Okay, no, who's the current one? Cameron? Yeah, I’d probably see what he’s saying. See what he’s like on a night out.

Ms C: Probably Boris Johnson.

Why's that then?
Well, the hair is pretty cool, but I think it’d mostly be because he would have champagne and caviar all evening, and he'd potter around and be all bumbly and then take you down on his bike to his yacht and play with his friends from Eton.

A very British day out.
Really bloody English. Terribly, terribly English.


Ravi: That’s a good question. I’m gonna say Obama, even though it’s kind of clichéd.

Actually, no one else has said Obama. Why him?
He’s got a nice, interesting taste in music – he’s into hip-hop. And he likes The Wire, so he can’t be too bad a guy, right? And he’s friends with Beyonce and Jay-Z, so you know there are gonna be loads of people there.

Dean O (left) and Dean H.

Dean O: Boris Johnson, man. He seems like he’d be a solid guy.
Dean H: Haha, yeah. He seems scatty, doesn’t he?
Dean: Yeah, I'd probably would go with Boris Johnson, just for a laugh.

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