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Question Of The Day

What Would You Do If the World Really Was Ending in a Fortnight?

"I'd just carry on as normal, mate."

Depending on who you choose to believe and whether or not you're an idiot, the world is going to end in exactly a fortnight, which – incidentally – is the day before North Korea are supposed to be sending a rocket into space. So that sucks for them. Instead of getting all down and mopey about the apparent forthcoming end of the world, however, we thought we'd find the positives in the untimely death of the entire human race. You know, like being able to spend all your money and getting really drunk and stuff.


Uninspired and tired of discussing the best way to blow an overdraft, we took to the street's of London to ask some strangers a question: What would you do if the world really was ending in a fortnight?

Jorge, 26: I’d try to enjoy it. I’d play lot of my vibey jazz music, I’d see my family and I’d go to parties. I wouldn’t have my own parties, though, because you'd have to clear up.

VICE: But the world would be ending – it wouldn't matter.
Yes, that's true. But I live in London, so there would be loads of other good parties. I'd go to them. I might even break the law a bit.

Really? What would you do?
I don’t know. Something crazy but nice. Like stealing drugs and handing them out to people. I'd try and enjoy myself no matter what.

That's nice. 

Stephen, 41: I'd just carry on, mate.

You'd carry on as normal?
Yeah, there’s not a lot you can do in two weeks, really, is there?

Wouldn’t you want to do something crazy?

You’d just go to work?

What if someone at work was like, “Steve, you should come to my end of the world party tonight." Would you go?
Nah, I’d just carry on living. I’d do what I normally do.

Fair enough.

Fatima, 24: I'd go and see my family and friends, then I’d spend all of my money and go into my overdraft. I’d spend everything. Consume, consume, consume.

What would you buy?
I’d go on holiday. But if anyone who I wanted to come with me didn't want to come, we'd have a big, big problem.


I don't think I'd want to come if that's your attitude.

Sascha, 22: I’d go on holiday with my boyfriend and 10 of my best friends.

You wouldn’t wanna take your family?
Oh yeah. I forgot about them. Maybe I’d do a week with my family and then a week with my friends.

How about your pets?
Shit, I keep forgetting about all of my favourite things. It would depend where I was going.

Okay. What about the people you don’t like – would you murder anyone?
No. I would just want to cherish moments with the people I love.

And sober is the best state to be in to be able to cherish moments, right?
Definitely not. I’d be fucked most of the time, but I’d be careful because I wouldn’t want to mess up the last two weeks of my life. Imagine if I had a bad trip or something.

Oscar, 24 (right), Linny, 25 (centre) and Cat, 23.

Oscar: I would ignore you, go and have a pizza, then plan. I’m hungry.

Rude. How about you, Linny?
Linny: I’d go ballistic. I’d go to lots of parties and get wild. Or maybe I’d just go home and see my friends and family. I’d mix it up.

Mental. Would you do anything illegal?
Cat: I’d steal everyone’s dogs and glue them together to make a mega-dog. And then I’d ride it around London. Oh god, I really wanna do that now.

Imagine the pain you'd cause everyone, though.
Yeah, I guess. In that case, I’d take everyone’s hats and deposit them in the Thames until it’s full of hats. There are so many silly hats in London and someone needs to do something about it.

Yeah, that's true.

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