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Pre-Stream BÆST's "Marie (Magdalene)" and Forsake Your Beliefs for Chaos

Where is your God now?

This week, rising death metal stars and Aarhus delinquents BÆST will release their debut EP Marie Magdalene. If you care about Aarhus' metal scene and/or Objectively Correct musical Satan-worship, you know BÆST (yes, it means "Beast") is all about embracing the cliché of straight-forward, old-school death metal. You know, like boiling goat heads, that sort of thing.

"Marie Magdalene is faster, crazier, heavier and meaner than anything you'd expect from a new and fresh death metal act from Denmark," guitarist Svend Karlsson tells us. "The goal is to create a sound heavily inspired by Nordic extreme metal acts like Entombed, Grave and Dismember. We capture the soul of the North, but obviously we're affected by the first wave of American extreme metal."

In fact, it might just be the closest you'll come to the sound of actual death. Title track "Marie (Magdalene)" is soul-wrenching and satisfyingly smack-you-in-the-face mean. And yet, there's a joy of release lurking behind the piercing guitar riffs and hard-plowing drums.

Much like the woman handing over her devilish spawn to Satan himself on the cover of the EP, we invite you to hand yourself over to one of the darker joys of this world, give BÆST a listen, and see why they might just be the next big thing on the European metal scene:

The lads will pop by Escobar in Aarhus on Friday to celebrate the official release of the EP​.