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VICE UK Is Ten and We're Having a Party

Wiley, Danny Brown and a bunch of other people are playing. Drinks are free and it's going to be amazing.

Remember our hype post for this exact blog post last week? That was a first for us – it's not like we regularly advertise upcoming blog posts; we're not usually that impatient – but it was because we weren't allowed to tell you anything about our 10th UK birthday party and had to find some way to contain our excitement.

Now we're allowed, so I'm just gonna go HAM on you with all the shit we've got lined up to celebrate. Hold your breath – or whatever you do when you're being face-blasted with an overwhelming amount of exciting information – because there's a lot to come.

In association with Vans and Lynx, performing live at Cable in London Bridge are Crystal Castles, godfather of grime and strangest man on Twitter, Wiley; the world's best toothless MC, Danny Brown; Andrew W.K., the man who presumably popped out of his mum and straight into partying; Trash Talk, the band most likely to make you want to break something; our favourite new rapper, Thunderbird Gerard and some very special surprise guests.

Then, spinning the ones and twos, we've got Mark Ronson, Klaxons, Actress, Rory Phillips, Mumdance, Get Me! DJs and a bunch more playing in the various rooms between and after live acts to soundtrack all the free Jagermeister, Jameson whiskey, Grolsch, Rekorderlig cider and Sailor Jerry rum you'll be snuffling up.

We'll also be running a giveaway competition every day for 10 days, starting on the 19th, where we'll be handing out clothes, watches, cameras, bikes and other stuff you'd usually spend your hard-earned cash on. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates and use #VICE10 to get involved on Twitter.

The last thing you need to do is apply for free tickets to the party here: