Pharfar is Vibing Hard to Motorcycle Races in Jamaica in "Kawasaki", His Latest Banger-To-Be

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25 august 2016, 1:03pm

All photos provided by the artist

Good, ol’ Pharfar is back with a brand new track aptly titled ”Kawasaki”, and he definitely hasn't lost his talent for churning out bangers. The song is born out of a collaboration with producer Nonsens, and the result is crisp and streamlined. “Kawasaki” isn't so much about love for motorcycles as it is an allegory for sex. As always, Pharfar's lyrics are creative and spot on and the beat is exactly what the kids are into these days.

The video is shot at a motorcycle rally in Jamaica, and just like the song itself, it's dripping with petrol and hormones. You can almost smell the ganja smoke mixing with the stench of burning rubber as you savor some truly disturbing footage of a hot momma twerking on some little boy - and in the middle of all that, we find a very white Pharfar who seems a bit perplexed over the whole situation.

Kawasaki also happens to be the title of Pharfar's forthcoming EP, which is sure to yield several more earworms that will dig their way into your skull and nestle in your brain's music center (which is totally a legitimate, anatomical thing).

If Pharfar's smash hit ”La’ mig rulle dig” (“Let Me Mug You”) from last Summer is still burned into your mind and soul like it is mine, then hopefully “Kawasaki” will be just the thing to get it out: